Email marketing is one of the most underused and most misunderstood forms of Internet marketing. Small (and large) fortunes have been made by more than one Internet marketer who has “cracked the code” of email marketing.
But there are some widely believed myths being constantly repeated, and I think it’s time we dispelled them once [...]

As you’ll be aware by now, your website profits depend on two things: the number of visitors you get and how many of those visitors take action and buy something from you. It really is that simple (and you’ll know by now that increasing both of these even by small amounts geometrically increases your profits). [...]

The Internet is such a cool one way delivery system (you send your customers info for free via email and websites) that it’s easy to miss out on the real power of the Internet as an INTERACTIVE media.
The internet enables you and your customers to have a two way conversation. Not just that, it [...]

You might not realise it yet, but every page on your website is — or should be — a selling tool.
After all, if it’s not… why do you have it up there?
Now, you might think I’m contradicting myself here because I am so adamant about you giving genuine value before asking for a [...]

You’ve done all the work and followed the tips and strategies and now you’re using your website to get your site visitors’ details in exchange for some valuable free gift or information. And you’ve increased traffic, and even knuckled down to some solid email marketing.

And, not wanting to miss any chance of a sale, you’ve [...]

One of the first strategies I recommend to everyone I come into contact with is to start building a list they can begin emailing to. This usually demands a fundamental change in their initial approach to their prospects, clients, and customers.
The aim is to begin the relationship by giving – and then to maximise [...]

The last few years has seen a division appear in nearly all discussions about successful Marketing: It’s the distinction between ONLINE and OFFLINE Marketing. Online covers everything internet based (website marketing, pay per click, SEO, Email Marketing etc) Offline covers all the ‘traditional’ marketing methods (direct mail, telephone marketing, traditional advertising, etc.)
It’s an easy [...]

As we discussed last month, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is about getting your pages ranked well and helping you profit from search engines.
SEO: -Brings traffic – this means more eyeballs on your business
-Increases visibility so you can be found
-Is usually a necessary step to marketing your business online
I’m going to take [...]

Testimonials are one of the most powerful marketing tools you’ll ever have at your disposal.
Because it’s easy to say great things about yourself. Anyone can do that. But with a testimonial, you’ve got someone else doing it. And bear in mind this is someone else the reader can identify with, simply because they [...]

As your online profits grow, you will, I hope, become wonderfully obsessed about Automation.
In a sense, Automation is the overlooked magic of the internet. It’s what enables you to create such significant products, often at extremely low cost.
The key here is to get the automation in place early in your online life. Then, [...]